[ePub] Clown in a Cornfield : 9780062854599

Thriller Adam Cesare 195 22nd Jun, 2021

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"This party starts early, and it does not stop until all the bodies have hit the floor." -- Stephen Graham Jones, author of Mongrels and The Only Good Indians "Adam Cesare's CLOWN IN A CORNFIELD starts as a fun and scary retro-slasher but then cleverly twists and bloodies its way into being a very new kind of beast. Rejoice horror fans new and old, and be terrified of Adam's everyday clowns." -- Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and The Cabin at the End of the World "Tense, modern and gory, Cesare's Clown in a Cornfield is simultaneously classic and fresh. This is thrilling, old school horror for a new generation." -- Madeleine Roux, author of the Asylum series "There's a lot to love about Adam Cesare's new novel, Clown in a Cornfield. First, the title. Holy crap. Then the front cover. Double holy crap. Also consider it's already received blurbs from people like Clive Barker, Stephen Graham Jones, and Paul Tremblay? Triple holy crap. People are going to be talking about this novel all year. Get ready for it." -- Lit Reactor "The immersive atmosphere, nail-biting action sequences, and satisfying social commentary results in a thoughtful, campy, and just-plain-fun read for horror fans, especially those who crave a retro feel but still want a story set firmly in the present." -- Library Journal (starred review) "A pulse-pounding thrill ride for retro-horror fans who are not faint of heart (or stomach)." -- Kirkus Reviews "This pitch-perfect horror experience can be enjoyed as pure entertainment for its fun retro slasher style, but teen readers will also fully appreciate the sly underlying social commentary." -- Booklist (starred review) "With this novel, Cesare is going to create a new generation of life-long horror fans." -- Signal Horizon Magazine "Cesare's cinematic eye means the set-pieces are loud, brash, and dramatic (it's no surprise that there's a film adaptation in the works). Given what we are all experiencing now, there's something wonderfully pleasing, nostalgic, and even therapeutic spending several hours cheering on Quinn - smart and brave -- as she takes on [...] killer clowns." -- Locus Magazine "Clown in a Cornfield delivers everything the title promises--and more. More carnage, more mayhem and a sly social commentary that cuts to the bone. A must-read for horror fans." -- Riley Sager, New York Times bestselling author of Final Girls Clown in a Cornfield is a true-to-form classic horror story, complete with blood and gore, chainsaws and crossbows, and abundant deaths. This is a truly fun piece of escapism for teens who are okay with slasher-flick violence. -- YALSA's Best Fiction for Young Adults Nominee This debut horror novel has all the trappings of a good, popcorn-scented slasher flick. Reluctant readers will find this a quick and fun read. They will definitely appreciate the stress-relieving escapism. Suggest it to readers looking for Stephen King read-alikes and fans of the Friday the 13th franchise. -- YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers Nominee.

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